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 Birth of GHAZM, October 29, 2015

Birth of GHAZM, October 29, 2015

According to iTunes, GHAZM is a dance band from Vancouver, BC. 

GHAZM came into existence in 2015 when Ulysses Jason Newcomb and John Kastelic schemed a new musical endeavor that would feature acoustic instruments distorted via electric and electronic tech. The results surprised both musicians.

Paul Patko was invited to collaborate in the project by bringing his sounds and beats produced by a twin (now triple) Nintendo DS configuration running Korg software. Tony Kastelic spontaneously joined a rehearsal one night finding an outlet for his exotic vocal explorations. 

On October 29, 2015 the four musicians played a show at the Railway Club in downtown Vancouver, introducing themselves as GHAZM. In December 2015 GHAZM released its debut EP "The Conjuring and Encounter with the Extreme Other". 6 months later John amicably left GHAZM.

The trio soldiers on. GHAZM's debut full length album was released September 22, 2017.

No one genre can define GHAZM. Prog-ambient, Dance, Folk, EDM,  Drone, electro, American Primitivism. All apply, none suffice. Let go and allow the sound to wash you over. 

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