GHAZM debut album launch show Nov 23, 2017
GHAZM goes to church

A cinematic, musical evening for individuals of fine taste”
With: Vancouver trio, GHAZM.

Event held at St Paul’s Anglican Church (1130 Jervis Street) on November 23, 2017. Doors at 6:00pm. Music at 7:00pm.

Taking place in a 120 year old historic building this musical event incorporates throat singing, Nintendo DS, pipe organ and electronic dance music. You can buy your ticket here.

Why hold a cinematic rock/electronic dance music concert in a church?
GHAZM is excited to incorporate the two-storey pipe organ in a venue with great acoustics.

The band’s music already suggests solemnity, trance and ascension of consciousness. The merging of this sound with a building architecturally dedicated to the pursuit of mystery strikes them as appropriate.

GHAZM has no religious affiliation. On November 23, they intend to create an immersive sensory framework for the individuals present to use as a tool for personal transcendence.

About the musicians:

Tony Kastelic (Salt Thief, Kamloops Symphony Orchestra) commands multiple exotic vocal styles - notably throat and overtone singing.

Paul Patko (Opus Arise, Salt Thief) pilots his twin Nintendo DS configuration with Korg software.

25 year music veteran Ulysses Jason Newcomb plays acoustic guitar through an effects and amplification system.

David Spidel (Bif Naked, The Living, Plastic Acid Orchestra) will join the trio on pipe organ and floor drum.

See Facebook event page here. 


GHAZM’s debut album, “Dethrone the DJs” is available for download on iTunes or for streaming on googleplay and spotify as well as at all other major digital music outlets.


Ulysses Jason Newcomb will act as GHAZM's ambassador to the world. He will be interviewed by Jeff Bryant for his CITR show, "Now We're Talking" on October 15th from 6pm-7pm PST. Ulysses and Jeff will discuss GHAZM, "Dethrone the DJs" and other things that exist.

You can tune in to listen live here: (just click on the "listen now" button at the top".

Or you can listen to the subsequent re-podcast here.

You can also search "Now We're Talking" on your favorite podcast app (I use pocketcast) and listen to the show anytime that's convenient for you.
Update: the podcast is now up:

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A Peek Into GHAZM's Creative Process

In this video you will see our 3rd play through of an idea that emerged from a jam.

Paul had started making beautiful sounds from the Nintendo DS and Ulysses started strumming a pattern that was at odds with the beat pattern. We enjoyed it and decided to keep working on this.

You can see Tony develop a lyrical palette in real time. Also, Ulysses plays lead guitar for the first time in GHAZM.

As Tony would say, this "germinal" process is becoming typical of GHAZM.

If you enjoy this sort of video, let us know.

To buy our debut album click here or search any major digital music (itunes, amazon, spotify, googleplay) outlet and search GHAZM.

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Full track off Dethrone the DJs released for free!

This is the first track from GHAZM's debut album which is for sale at our store. "Dethrone the DJs" was described as "fresh and innovative, highly meditative" by Droning Earth blog and a "hypnotic sound bath" by ethnomusicologist Dr Sheryl Lynch. 

We wish you'll be curious enough to try just a little taste. Click here to purchase Dethrone the DJs. You can also find it on itunes, amazon music, google play, spotify, deezer and just about every other digital outlet.

GHAZM debut album now available to purchase!
album art  GHAZM DTDJS(2).jpg

We're excited to share this with you!

You can purchase the new GHAZM album from our website. Click the button below to navigate to the GHAZM store.

You can pay via paypal or credit card. Once the transaction is performed, you will gain access to a PDF file to download. This document contains a link to download the album and simple instructions how to download.

You can send us a message via our contact page if you run into any issues.

You will also soon be able to buy the album at a variety of digital outlets such as itunes and amazon. We'll update you when that happens.

We think you'll get the most transcendence from your listening experience if you use good headphones or a good sound system.

But what do we know. You may already be a god. So do your thing.

UPDATE: You can now find "Dethrone the DJs" on itunes, amazon music, google play, spotify, deezer and just about every other digital outlet.

Dethrone the DJs was recorded from May 5 - 7, 2017 at Redlight Studio in the "Live off the floor" tradition.

Recording and Mixing: David Spidel
Mastering: Jamie Sitar

Tony Kastelic - Vocals
Paul Patko - Nintendo DS
Ulysses Jason Newcomb - Guitar
Advance review of GHAZM's debut album, Dethrone the DJs
Dr. Sheryl Lynch - Professor of ethnomusicology at University of Nottingham

Dr. Sheryl Lynch - Professor of ethnomusicology at University of Nottingham

Dethrone the DJs review by Dr. Sheryl Lynch - Professor of ethnomusicology at University of Nottingham.

This record begins with a gradual, quiet escalation of dissonant harmonies. Ulysses’ electronically effected acoustic guitar drone, Paul Patko’s triple Nintendo DS configuration (running korg software) and Tony Kastelic’s throat singing coalesce to build a lush foundation of overtones that sets the listener up for what’s to come.

What comes next?

To call any band unconventional is frankly conventional now but GHAZM breaks the status quo at every turn. The musicians in this group are sound artists. The sounds they produce indicate a reverent awareness of musique concrète and electronic minimalism whilst warming the void with thick sonic gifts that stem from a Global or post world music sensibility. The use of drones – sustained tones from the vocalist and/or instrumentation - conjure sound memories of Tibetan sacred chant, Mongolian throat singing, and the tambura: a sonorous, ubiquitous drone played by Hindustani and Carnatic musicians in South Asia. What I respect about GHAZM is that they are not trying to reach for the always tenuous position of authenticity as a 'world beat' or 'global rock' band, they stoically strive to create their own sound.

On tracks like ‘Big Star’, the talented vocalist (Tony Kastelic) threads in elements of Gregorian chant, adding a beautiful component of medieval sacred music to the work in a way that remarkably does not sound contrived. The utilisation of slow tempos and loop pedals create a hypnotic meditative sound bath throughout this body of work.

GHAZM is a drone band with a difference, a drone band that sounds out to the stars and calls upon the listener to root down, put headphones on, and rise up.

If I had to categorize GHAZM, I would say it has pioneered a sub-genre called Warm Drone, and you should get to know it now.

Dethrone the DJs will be available for sale September 22, 2017