Ulysses Jason Newcomb - Guitar, GHAZM

 Ulysses Jason Newcomb wielding "Lucy" - Photo credit: Adam Stewart

Ulysses Jason Newcomb wielding "Lucy" - Photo credit: Adam Stewart

In 1993, Ulysses found a tattered copy of a "Great Songs of the 60's" song book on the second floor of his Dad's welding shop. There in a pile of discarded lawnmower motors and Jehovah Witness literature, was the grimmoire that would serve as a portal to a lifetime pursuit of transcendence. 

Despite never having heard any of the songs in the book, Ulysses used the book to learn chords and sing songs "the wrong way" despite the general sentiment of his peers that "he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket". 

Refusing to cave, Ulysses spent the subsequent 15 years breaking the conventions to which the singer-songwriter is expected to conform. This period revealed a pattern: each of the artist's personal transformations resulted in a musical one.

In the winter overlapping 2010 and 2011, during a nearly fatal bout of depression Ulysses made his first attempt at reversing the observable pattern. Instead of waiting for a personal breakthrough to result in a musical one. He wrote a piece of music specifically designed to test its transformative power. The resulting spark of hope lit the way just enough to reveal the tunnel had an exit. Within a year, Ulysses had moved four thousand kilometers from his region of birth. Within two years he was playing live shows in his new home town of Vancouver. Within three years he became part of GHAZM.

Ulysses considers that his reverent contribution to the realm of music serves as a tool for transcendence, a salve for psychic wounds and a bucket to carry his tune. 

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