Tony Kastelic - Vocals, GHAZM

 Vocalist without fear

Vocalist without fear

Tony Kastelic is a Vancouver-based performer, composer, and songwriter. He regularly performs in the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra and Plastic Acid Orchestra and has also performed with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, Prince George Symphony Orchestra, and Vancouver Island Symphony.

Tony can often be found busking as Skeletonia, the Fiddling Skeleton in Vancouver farmer's markets and Skytrain stations. He has collaborated with many prominent Vancouver artists including Hannah Epperson and Dominique Fricot and has recorded with successful local talents such as Will Ross and Kyprios.

As GHAZM's vocalist Tony contributes a rigorous formal knowledge of musical theory and an exotic vocal technique referencing thousands of years of human history. 

Tony's voice is at home as much with the angels as it is with the monsters.

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