Truly Toward the Heart of Silence

As I listen to GHAZM's debut full length album and face the task of writing an announcement about it. I can think of no way to discuss it except to mythologize it. And so I relate to you the true story of GHAZM.

Once upon a time the stars spoke to three ordinary men. "A quest!" said the stars. The men accepted. For they knew the stars speak but only once forever. And so the heroes set forth, truly toward the heart of Silence.

Dazzling lights in the open air, horns blaring at the horizon, strange angels in damp caverns, battles with seductive beasts, truces with tricksters. All met with focused determination and a vital smirk.

Legend says that it was under a cloudless night sky that the heroes met and slew their greatest foe.

Touched by an unidentified grace, time stopped and the men teased open the darkness so that singing may flood the world.

Listen closely. Your story is theirs.

GHAZM's debut album, "Dethrone the DJs" will be available for sale September 22, 2017. Follow us on social media for further details.