GHAZM debut album now available to purchase!

album art  GHAZM DTDJS(2).jpg

We're excited to share this with you!

You can purchase the new GHAZM album from our website. Click the button below to navigate to the GHAZM store.

You can pay via paypal or credit card. Once the transaction is performed, you will gain access to a PDF file to download. This document contains a link to download the album and simple instructions how to download.

You can send us a message via our contact page if you run into any issues.

You will also soon be able to buy the album at a variety of digital outlets such as itunes and amazon. We'll update you when that happens.

We think you'll get the most transcendence from your listening experience if you use good headphones or a good sound system.

But what do we know. You may already be a god. So do your thing.

UPDATE: You can now find "Dethrone the DJs" on itunes, amazon music, google play, spotify, deezer and just about every other digital outlet.

Dethrone the DJs was recorded from May 5 - 7, 2017 at Redlight Studio in the "Live off the floor" tradition.

Recording and Mixing: David Spidel
Mastering: Jamie Sitar

Tony Kastelic - Vocals
Paul Patko - Nintendo DS
Ulysses Jason Newcomb - Guitar